Sunday, May 17, 2015

117b Portfolio

Hey everyone! So I'm about to graduate as a story artist! :D If you want to check out my boards, I've got a shiny portfolio site up at

That being said, here are a few things I did in my vis dev class this semester.

Helen was originally supposed to be a side character,
but the farther I went into the project,
the more interested I was in her story. She yearns for more. 

I'm not happy with this, but I learned an important lesson from it.
I was trying to make the original design work,
when what I didn't like about it was it didn't work. 
What I should have done was go full force starting from scratch. 
Bonus final day activity:
Did you ever think you'd see Helen from the Iliad as a sloth? Well, here you go. 

Sunday, December 28, 2014


Our grand finale project for 116 was the zine! Our theme was the somewhat nebulous "Dreams/nightmares/guilty pleasures of children." Here's where I took it. The vertical format was a fun change.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Crew of You

The idea behind this project was to split yourself into into 6 different characters, then put them in a situation to see how they'd interact. 

Tombow pens on Bristol, with a few Photoshop touchups.
I've been trying out limited color palettes lately.
The story I ended up with takes place in a modern fantasy world: Fairly similar to our own, except a fraction of the population has elemental powers. The little girl is a water elemental, and melts when she's nervous (which is most of the time). The story is focused on her impatient mother Adria's attempts to help her daughter, even though they don't really understand each other.

The Interrupting Cows did not make it into the final.
I felt like it was getting too busy already. 
A little extra Riley <3 She's so cute.
I wanted to draw her happy for once. 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

My Name Is

Our first senior project was to make a 1 minute video introducing ourselves. Here's mine!

Thursday, September 18, 2014


The first project for Barron's class is called "Generations." You choose something that evolved over three stages, and then make 6 "bits" (2 for each evolution), which you then assemble together into one in the end. It can be your family history, or the anything that's evolved.

I did my project on 3 of the the places I've called home: My house growing up in Minnesota, the one where I lived with my parents until I came to SJSU, and my place with my current roommates (who are some of my best friends).

While cutting up my bits to make my final, I ended up drifting a bit from the actual places themselves, and it ended up being more about the feeling of home that I got from each place.

This project was a a lot of fun to experiment with. I tried watercolor again, made a stamp, even did some 3D (2.5D?) stuff with fabric. The quote in the main area is part of something I wrote before we left the MN house as a message to the new residents. It was a wish that they would love the new place as much as I had. I edited it a bit here, and maybe it's a little cheesy, but I like the idea of my 9-year-old self sending current me a message. She had a lot of faith in me.

The only bit I thought lost something in the cutting was this one, based on my door/wall back at my parents' house.

Monday, September 8, 2014


Done as part of for my 116 class "Generations" Project. For my project, I'm doing 3 of the the different houses I've lived in. My middle house used to have a pool, and I wanted to represent that feeling I got when floating underwater, like it was a different world. 

Found inspiration in the photography of Elena Kalis (specifically, the photo 4 rows from the bottom of the girl with the red ribbon).

It's interesting how rotating the image gives a different feel. When viewed "properly" so that the surface is up, she looks like she's drowning (not what I was going for). With the surface on the bottom, it's like she's falling into a portal (which I liked, but wasn't quite right either). The surface to the side feels more like it's her choice whether to go through or not.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Imagine taking it for walks, though!

Been trying to draw more comics lately. It's what got me to fall in love with art in the first place. Featuring me and my roommates!