Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Crew of You

The idea behind this project was to split yourself into into 6 different characters, then put them in a situation to see how they'd interact. 

Tombow pens on Bristol, with a few Photoshop touchups.
I've been trying out limited color palettes lately.
The story I ended up with takes place in a modern fantasy world: Fairly similar to our own, except a fraction of the population has elemental powers. The little girl is a water elemental, and melts when she's nervous (which is most of the time). The story is focused on her impatient mother Adria's attempts to help her daughter, even though they don't really understand each other.

The Interrupting Cows did not make it into the final.
I felt like it was getting too busy already. 
A little extra Riley <3 She's so cute.
I wanted to draw her happy for once. 

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