Friday, December 23, 2011

113A Acrylic Paint Still Life

Another semester done! Here's the result of my biggest project over the last few months. I'm aware my still life subject is not obvious, but it's the story of how I dislocated my kneecap last November. It was the night the Giants won the World Series, and when my roommate rushed to see me in the hospital, she brought me gummy bears. The weird object on the right is a leg brace. (Thanks to Danny for lending that to me, as I threw mine away in a fit of frustration).

I learned a lot from the beginning to the end. I think my color rendering turned out a lot better than the b/w one! I couldn't quite get the colors to photograph right though, in real life the blue violet is much less blue and more violet. If anyone knows a good trick to fix that, let me know!

Color Comps

Have a good winter break, everyone! :)