Thursday, September 18, 2014


The first project for Barron's class is called "Generations." You choose something that evolved over three stages, and then make 6 "bits" (2 for each evolution), which you then assemble together into one in the end. It can be your family history, or the anything that's evolved.

I did my project on 3 of the the places I've called home: My house growing up in Minnesota, the one where I lived with my parents until I came to SJSU, and my place with my current roommates (who are some of my best friends).

While cutting up my bits to make my final, I ended up drifting a bit from the actual places themselves, and it ended up being more about the feeling of home that I got from each place.

This project was a a lot of fun to experiment with. I tried watercolor again, made a stamp, even did some 3D (2.5D?) stuff with fabric. The quote in the main area is part of something I wrote before we left the MN house as a message to the new residents. It was a wish that they would love the new place as much as I had. I edited it a bit here, and maybe it's a little cheesy, but I like the idea of my 9-year-old self sending current me a message. She had a lot of faith in me.

The only bit I thought lost something in the cutting was this one, based on my door/wall back at my parents' house.

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